Maverick 19:45 PM - Sep 12 2020

Weekly Discussion: September 14-18

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Maverick - 3 years ago
Wednesday (summary)

$DPHC I bough the warrants back on Monday around 13 and sold them 14-15 (shocked).  Felt a dip coming, it came, so I got back in the stock at 26 and the warrants at 11.66. While I still don't think the merger is going to happen in October, I'm also not prepared to be wrong and have no position - so I'll probably ride this one out.  I'm going to post some new DD/info on the $DPHC in a moment.  Edit: Here.

$SHLL holding a warrant position at 18.75.  The merger vote date is less than two weeks, so I'll probably just hold on to what I've got.  I'm much lighter than what I was originally because I just don't know if we're going to 100 or this is the top. I'll write on $SHLL chat my thoughts there.  Edit: Here

$SBE had a big surprise win here today.  Target mentioned by Reuters: Chargepoint.  I'm out for a nice profit and immediately regretted it (as always).  Soared to 6 in after hours.  I got in at 1.50 a week or so ago, but I'm too ashamed to mention what I sold it at after it popped.... 🤡

$SOAC just building up a position here.  I think it's going to announce before EOY.
Maverick - 3 years ago

I exited $DPHC (warrants) at 11.50 (from 6.33) late Friday.  The chart is a nose bleeder, so I couldn't resist locking in the profit.  I'm hoping to get back in (fully) on Monday/Tuesday around 10.  Not sure that's going to happen as planned.

$SHLL may kick back into gear after drifting for the week.  I'll for sure be back on this boat by end of week.  September 29 is right around the corner.....I'm going to have to have some of these warrants going into the merger just to see if they close this massive gap. 🐢

$SOAC has had sustained volume for days now.  I think we're going to hear something in the next week or two.  I have been picking this one up (for round 3) around 1.80.  I should have just held the 0.90's I had, but the flip was satisfying.... Round 3 average is currently 1.81.

$SBE is low volume.  I'm not expecting this one to move very soon.  It's my smallest position.  1.50 average.  I"m just hanging out on the bid and catching anxious sellers.

I haven't been following the broader market due to all these SPACs taking my attention.

I think Congress will resume their kicking and screaming this week. 🥱

$TSLA Battery Day is nearing.... 🔋


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