Maverick 03:27 AM - Jan 03 2021

Release Notes - January 2021

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Maverick - 2 years ago
January 9
  • Updated the UI on Trades (easier to read)
  • Updated the UI on Main Feed Cards (likes/comments were backwards)
  • Added a Top Users list
Maverick - 2 years ago
Testing comment counts...
Maverick - 2 years ago
January 3
  • Added Trade view to the main feed - this will show you all the trades from all users
  • Will need to add one to Following so that you can see just the people/symbols that you're interested in
  • Initial work (not live yet) on Direct Messaging
Maverick - 2 years ago
January 1
  • Lots of functionality for Admins (and eventually Moderators) to remove posts, comments, chats when needed (spam, etc) Let's Do This 🚀

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