Maverick 01:13 AM - Jun 24 2020

Feature Requests

Feel free to drop a comment here for any feature requests you have.

We have a list we're working on every week, but our goal is to build what we all want - so fire away.
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Maverick - 3 years ago
Request: Allow users to create their own symbols and groups.
Maverick - 3 years ago
Request: A view/feed that extracts trades from posts based on trigger words.  
Maverick - 3 years ago
Request: Notifications section (an inbox of sorts) - would have all notifications emails, direct messages, comments, etc
Maverick - 3 years ago
Discussion:  How do we want to sort the 'home' page that lists the posts?  Right now, it's just doing a dumb query of latest posts....but that's not exactly intelligent.  It could:
  • List it based on some combination of comments and upvotes
  • Move any post to the top that has a recent comment/activity on it (for now)
  • Etc...
Maverick - 3 years ago
Good chat!  :-D 
Maverick - 3 years ago
I've gone ahead and made it sort by latest comment.  So it'll show posts with activity first.
Maverick - 3 years ago
OK, maybe this will do it nw on comment comments...
Maverick - 3 years ago
Request: Edit Message (for a period of time) after you post, to make any corrections.
Maverick - 3 years ago
Request: An About section on the right to describe the group.
Maverick - 3 years ago
Request: A notification via email to let you know that somebody has replied to you.
Maverick - 3 years ago
This is done on Group Posts and Symbol Posts. Let's Do This 🚀

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