Maverick 01:14 AM - Jun 24 2020

Bug Reports

We're not even in BETA yet, but please point out anything truly broken - totally not working, spewing errors everywhere, that sort of thing.  We'll get on it.
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Maverick - 3 years ago
Voting is not working on Groups.  It's OK on Symbols.
Maverick - 3 years ago
This has been resolved.
Maverick - 3 years ago
When I posted a link earlier to a site that doesn't support modern meta tags / og tags, it completely blew the thread up.
Maverick - 3 years ago
This has been resolved. Let's Do This 🚀

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Created: Jun 24, 2020
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Let's discuss how we can make this place awesome.

Feel free to add any bug reports, feature requests, or general feedback.
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