Mcarter05 22:13 PM - Oct 24 2022

SPY levels for Tuesday 10/25/22

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  SPY hit the top of my zone almost to the penny and rejected. Still believe if we can break it we will see 387/388. Go back below I'll be looking to see if the new zone holds again. Held perfect today. If it does not hold will be looking for 370 then back to that 366 level that has been both support and resistance many times. Daily we are still above the 8 and 21 ema. Rejected the 50 today so need that to break to continue to the upside. Do have some earnings tomorrow that could move the market either way a good bit in my opinion. I'll be watching UPS and KO in the morning. Then all focus will be on MSFT and GOOG after-hours, I'll have the futures accounts ready for both. 
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