Maverick 21:39 PM - Jul 11 2020

Release Notes

This will keep a log of releases we do.  We'll add each one as a comment so you can see the new stuff for a test drive.
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Maverick - 3 years ago
September 12 @ 9:30pm
  • Changed Live Chat to Chat
  • Chat now has a permanent post pinned at the top of all symbol and posts
  • Mentions tab added to all Symbols - this looks across all posts and comments to find any tagged mentions of the symbol 🔥 - this allows you to see everywhere the symbol is being mentioned
Maverick - 3 years ago
August 29 @ 11pm
  • Numerous UI improvements, style updates - the mobile site is looking sexy
  • Following: Show list of items you're following on the right (desktop) for quick access
  • Symbol Mentions: If a symbols is tagged, it will store it (we'll use this later) and will note it on the post on the main feed.
Maverick - 3 years ago
August 23 @ 2am
  • Added symbol tagging
  • ex: $MSFT just released MSFS 2020

samosa - 3 years ago
$TSLA sexy
Maverick - 3 years ago
August 22 @ 11pm
  • UI improvements all around - posts & chat
  • Navigation improvements - more paths should lead to chat by default
  • Moved from up/down to hearts ❤️
  • Added three 'feed' types - Following, All, New
Maverick - 3 years ago
August 15 & 17
  • Chat added for both Groups & Symbols
  • Reactions added to Chat
  • Front/Main page trimmed down to just headline/title on the posts
  • Floating "Create.." button (will have many functions, eventually
  • Email Notifications for Comments on Comments
  • Mentions added to Chat
  • Flipper added to flip between Posts & Chat view
Maverick - 3 years ago
Aug 2 @ 12:27am
  • Group Information can be edited by the owner/moderator at any time
Maverick - 3 years ago
August 1 @ 11:59pm
  • Posts can now be edited for up to 10 minutes after you post them
Maverick - 3 years ago
July 26 @ 10:53pm
  • You can now edit your comments for up to 10 minutes after you post them (posts next..)
  • You can hover over the relative time ("3 days ago") and see actual timestamp

Edit: Did that work?

Edit: Nice!
Maverick - 3 years ago
July 12 @ 2:10am
  • Added nice OpenGraph unfurling so that when you share a link externally, it will show preview title & text
  • Looks nice, just needs image worked in...
  • Try sharing a link to a post or board on an app (Twitter, Slack, Facebook) and you'll see the magic happen
Maverick - 3 years ago
July 12 @ 1:15am
  • Added in Groups to search results
  • So you can search for Groups & Symbols now
  • Might add in Users next...
Maverick - 3 years ago
July 11 @ 11:20pm
  • Add titles to all pages so they're related to content (group names, symbols, and post titles)
  • Will be useful for discovery, indexing, and bookmarking
  • Previously, all pages were titled ""
Maverick - 3 years ago
July 11 @ 9:50pm
  • Allow members to create groups
  • Creator will become the moderator
  • Moderator tools coming...
  • Add to footer

Maverick - 3 years ago
July 11 @ 9:30pm Let's Do This 🚀

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