Maverick 22:26 PM - Dec 11 2020

Release Notes - December 2020

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Maverick - 2 years ago
Had a fun night of coding, here's the highlights
  • Added an All tab - this shows a mix of Posts, Chat, Trades - an overall view and full action of that symbol/group.
  • Brought back Chat tab - now that the UX flow is more obvious and it's easier to see and get to Posts and Chat
  • Admin tools: We can now Edit board names, symbols, categories as needed
  • Added a Trades feed for each symbol - this shows you all user-entered trades related to that symbol
  • Added in a Trades feed for Groups, but not totally sure how I want to do this yet. Will work that out tomorrow.
  • Bumped up the session/cookie timeout from 2 hours to 90 days.  That was silly.
Maverick - 2 years ago
Added a Trades feed.  You can enter your trades that you want to share with others.  It will add an entry to the public main feed and individual symbol feeds.

You can get to this (at the moment) via the footer or the Create button on main feed.

We'll add this to more places around the site so that you can see what people are trading. 

 It's also quite basic in its current form, more to come.  Lots of interesting things we can do with this once we have trades being entered.
Maverick - 2 years ago
Added a designation for OP (microphone + bolding) when OP is in the comments.
Maverick - 2 years ago
We've removed the Chat links so that we can keep it focused on Posts, for now.  It was a little too confusing having multiple places to comment on the same topic.

We'll revisit this in the future.

Going to focus on the Post / Comment experience for a bit. Let's Do This 🚀

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