AMD - Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Trade - Sell
- 2 years ago by: samosa

OUT AMD 115 Call 2022-04-08 @ $0.01
Yes... My old habit of buying some OTM contracts with a short expiration date got me again. Hopium is a hell of a drug. This should have been cut after day 1, but I gave myself bad reasons to continue to hold. Lesson learned...
17:36 PM - Apr 07 2022
Original Trade Info:
BOT: AMD 115 Call 2022-04-08 @ 0.75
I bought a falling knife here. I knew in my soul QQQ was headed lower but for some reason, I went with my bullish tendencies and played an AMD bounce off of 108. It quickly lost that support. And now I am holding a bad trade longer than I should have. Hopium is a hell of a drug.
21:07 PM - Apr 05 2022
Trade By: samosa from the StonksChat Group



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