Maverick 18:30 PM - Aug 23 2020

Weekly Discussion: August 24-28, 2020

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Maverick - 3 years ago
End of week:

Flipped DPHC warrants for 10%.  I wasn't expecting them to move up so quickly.  Expecting them to drift down for the next few weeks, I'll have my shopping cart waiting at 4.50.

Only position I held over weekend was SHLL warrants. 🐢
Maverick - 3 years ago
DPHC - no position yet, but looking for entry - DD here:
Maverick - 3 years ago
Thursday heads up: Jerome Powell (aka JPOW) will be speaking on Thursday at 9am EST.  It will move the markets one way or another, whatever he says.
Maverick - 3 years ago
Wednesday update

  • Took a huge loss on $ONTX with that unexpected bad and early news.  Exited at 0.30 from 1.05 (I think).  Nasty.
  • $RKT Exited this at 29.00 from 23.86.  Nice.  It kept roaring after I sold it, all the way to 31+.  It's since pulled back and since the ER is still out a few days to September 2, I'm back in at 27.57.  If I can get 30.00 I'll be thrilled and keep my hand out of the cookie jar any further.
  • $SHLL (warrants) remain my largest position at 7.20 avg.  The stock rocketed to 42 and the warrants hit ATH of 18 this week.  The turtle is strong.  Not surprised that it's cooled off late yesterday and today.  The merger vote date filing is the next major catalyst.  I expect it sometime this week.  Should rally on Friday, regardless.
Maverick - 3 years ago
Should be a fun week.

  • $DFFN  1.11 avg, currently 1.12 - might get update on dosing this week, they're expected to start EOM.  Need to post DD on $DFFN board.
  • $SHLL (warrants) avg is 7.20 - this one is super hot, maybe even too hot.  The merger date is anticipated for middle of September.  That's still 3 weeks off.  The warrants remain (and shall remain) mispriced against the common stock until the merger happens and risk of no merger is removed.  I'll post more on the $SHLL board.
  • $RKT - 23.86 avg - picked this one up last week (a bit late) - going to ride it into earnings on Sept 2 or $30, whichever happens first.  See $RKT board for details.
  • $ONTX - 1.04 avg - I can't remember why I bought this one.  I'll post DD on $ONTX board tonight.
Patrick M - 3 years ago
I'm still holding DFFN for now.  Hoping it moves soon.  
Maverick - 3 years ago
Waiting on that news to drop by EOM. ⏰


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